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Voices from the Media

Online Reply to Randy Economy's Oct 17 Article

Arthur, October 18, 2014

Everyone understands the quality of our schools, and the facilities our students need, is very important to the future of the region. Nobody disputes this, certainly not the Yes on AA side and not the No on AA side.

This political skirmish is simply about financing, preparation, public input, transparency and accountability. The administrators at ABCUSD made a big mistake by not conducting legitimate public input sessions.

Sure, Boardmember Law says over 300 people had input. Teachers, Administrators, and the PTA. These were not publicly-noticed sessions, therefore taxpayers who do not have a connection to the District (which is probably 85% of the population) were not given the proper opportunity to provide input.

ABCUSD administrators have not prioritized projects, only have a guess as to what these projects on paper will cost, thereby hamstringing any Citizens Oversight Committee's ability to report to the public if their taxpayer dollars were actually spent as voters approved.

These same administrators have balked, stonewalled, or just ignored public requests as to how the 1997 $59 million bond proceeds were spent. The only way for informed voters to determine if this District is capable of managing taxpayer dollars is based on the District's past behavior.

What's the rush? If Measure AA passes in a few weeks, the District won't even issue the first series of bonds until July 2015. Tangible construction may not begin until November 2015.

For as much as this is about students, and future students, it is certainly as much about the financing, and preparation.

Bad plans need to be defeated, then resurrected as a plan the entire community can get behind. I would presume that a good plan would eliminate opposition, and I hope the District, and the media, don't think the opposition only consists of a current City of Cerritos elected official and a former City of Cerritos elected official. Based on Mr. Law's comments, he understands this, but is trying to create a "Boogieman" to rally behind.

Mr. Law, there is no "Boogieman". However, there are thousands of District residents that will voice their concern over this foggy plan. Mr. Law only has to look at a cadre of District Administrators, and staff to blame for community opposition. Sure, it is a tough idea to comprehend, but if this passes, let's hope the community can come together with a better plan so our students can have the modern school facilities they need and deserve.


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