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Voices from the Media

Letter To Editor

James Kang, Gateway Guardian, October 4, 2014

Dear Editor,

The ABC Unified School District proposed an ambitious Bond Tax (Measure AA) to all District property owners for the Nov. 4 election. ABCUSD is requesting additional funds to modernize school facilities and to enhance educational programs.

I do not support Measure AA because it is not fair for the District to pass on its expenses to the property owners in the District, when many property owners are still facing economic uncertainty and under-employment in a tight job market.

First, Measure AA will be an extra burden to the existing bond tax payment. In 1997, ABCUSD asked property owners to pay the First Bond Payment of $59 million for the purpose of modernizing school facilities.

All District home owners have been paying $75 to $300 per year since then. The District spent all of the $59 Million in the first 5 to 8 years for routine maintenance. The remaining balance is $42 million, and homeowners still have to pay this until 2034.

Second, the New Bond Payment is extremely high. ABC's New Tax plan of $195 million levies homeowners an additional $50 per $100,000 Assessed Property Value. This would be a tremendous burden to District Homeowners. Every Household would pay $150 to $600 per year in addition to the $75 to $300 per year 1997 Bond tax. These payments would continue until 2051. This is a record-breaking Bond Tax Rate and much higher than other neighboring school districts, such as Fullerton, Cypress, and Brea.

Third, during the last recession, many property owners in the District were affected by the economic downturn. Many lost their jobs and ultimately their homes because they couldn't meet their mortgage payments.

Others were demoted at work or received pay cuts, creating economic hardship and making it more difficult to keep up with mortgage payments. And we are still living in the aftermath of the long recession.

If Measure AA is passed, homeowners will be burdened by three Educational Bond Taxes because there was a third Bond Tax initiated by Cerritos Community College in 2004. If you add these three together, District homeowners would pay $300 to $1200 per year, and $10,800 to $43,200 total for the next 36 years, depending on property value.

Why should ABC homeowners pay the highest education tax among the neighboring school districts?

I do not support Measure AA. I suggest that the District withdraw passing Measure AA from the November Election this year. It is economically detrimental to the community.

James Kang
Former ABC Board Member


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