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Voices from the Media

Letter To Editor - Vote NO on Measure AA

Tony Lima, Gateway Guardian, October 4, 2014

Dear Editor,

As a city official, I know how tough the economy has been for many of our residents, and the last thing they need is an additional cost.

Measure AA is asking for additional funds that will cost property owners, business owners and tenants more money out of pocket at a time when the District is still collecting money from past bond measures.

Measure AA impacts and affects all of us. Many of our friends and neighbors have lost their jobs or their homes, and industries and businesses have closed down or reduced their operations.

Am I missing something here? What happened to the California Lottery that was passed and approved by voters? A certain percentage of the Lottery revenues were supposed to be spent on public education. Where did that money go?

As District K-12 enrollment is declining, maybe schools need to be closed down unless they have enough students to keep the doors open. Maybe we shouldn't be encouraging students to enroll in our schools if they don't live in the ABC District. Maybe the ABC School Board needs to seriously consider merging or consolidating or both.

Everyone wants our schools to be the very best they can be, and I understand that the District has taken a hit economically like every other group, but the District needs to find other sources of revenue other than expecting the voters to support a bond that will be an economic burden to many of our residents.

Tony Lima
Mayor of Artesia


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