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Voices from the Media

Cerritos Bond Measure Does Not Meet Prop. 39 Requirements

James Yee, Los Angeles Register, August 15, 2014

At the Aug. 12 ABC Unified School District Board meeting, I made a public comment on the ABCUSD bond measure that will be on the Nov. 4 ballot and impacts the city of Cerritos. The bond measure has a list of every school in the district and several kinds of projects, but it does not have a list of what will be done for each campus. It is not specific enough to meet Proposition 39 requirements. Prop. 39, which passed in 2012, is also known as the California Clean Energy Jobs Act. [Note: This sentence is an editorial error. It should read: Prop. 39, which passed in 2000, is also known as the School Facilities Local Vote Act of 2000.]

I quoted a State Controller audit of expenditures of Prop. 39 funds by Los Angeles Community College District from 2001 through 2010. He found "... bond counsel reviewed, and where appropriate, revised the project list language before it went to the voters to ensure that the district had flexibility to respond to the inevitable changes in economic, market and education requirements that would be experienced, particularly on a building program with the duration and complexity of the district."

In essence, the project list appears to be crafted in such a way to circumvent control and avoid accountability. This is contrary to the purpose and intent of Proposition 39.

I said that I believed that the ABC Measure was also crafted in this manner. I suggested that Superintendent Mary Sieu submit the measure to the state's attorney general and request a legal opinion whether the ABC Bond Measure complies with the project list specificity requirement. I believe that the attorney general will say "No".

James Yee


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