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Voices from Our Community

Where Does Proposition 30 Revenue go?

James Kang, October 7, 2014

I am against easure AA because the ABC USD has an alternative source of money (Proposition 30) for modernizing its facilities and supporting student programs.

Proposition 30 was passed in 2012 to support education budget, and it effectively provides significant additional revenue to the School District's original budget.

Considering the 2012 budget as a benchmark, the State Government has awarded an additional $35 million to ABC USD for the past two years and would award an additional $65 million for the next two years until 2016, according to the ABC Budget Report provided at the Board of Education Meeting. Proposition 30 will continuously award ABC School District as long as taxpayers pay an additional 1/4 % of sales tax in the future.

Why can't the District use this additional $100 million for the facility modernization and student programs?

Why can't the District manage its budget especially now with this additional funding, rather than asking homeowners to pick up additional expenses?

Let's take a look at ABC's budget. ABC received $164 million in 2012 from the State and Federal governments and spent $166 million in the same year. Approximately 86% ($144 M) goes towards employee's salary and 11% ($19 M) goes to facility operation and student programs. During the period from the year 2013 through 2016, ABC already received or will receive a total of $100 million additional revenue. From this $100 million surplus revenue, the District allocates $60 million toward employee salary and $11 million toward facility modernization and student program.

Why can't the District use the entire $l00 million for facility modernization and student program?

Why does the District allocate the most of additional revenue for employ salary rather than student programs that has the first priority for our students?

I do not support ABC USD's Bond Measure AA because the District should conserve surplus revenue coming from Proposition 30 and implement facility renovation and student programs.

Vote "No" on "AA".

(ABC USD Budget Analysis tor 2012 through 2016 is attached.)

James Kang
Former ABC School Board Member


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