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Voices from Our Community

Vote NO on the Bond

ABC Citizens for Better Education, August 6, 2014

Why does the Union and District want you to pay for teachers to teach over 2,500 students who don't live in the district? And whose families won't pay any taxes to pay for this bond?

Why is there no mention of declining enrollment?

Why is there no mention of the 4 overcrowded elementary schools having 13 -27% out of district students? Why is the district allowing 18 out of district students to attend Whitney and depriving 18 qualified ABC students?

Why was the Facilities Master Plan released late on a Friday, July 4th Holiday and scheduled to a vote a couple of days later?

Why weren't you allowed to study, digest and make comments in a reasonable time period?

Why is the district only communicating with those with children in the district and not all taxpayers?

Why don't they want you to consider the process? There isn't a cost/benefit analysis. NO scope of architecture work and cost. No scope of technology infrastructure, description, specification, cost or lifespan. Not even a projected construction/start dates nor phasing identified.

Most government projects of this size and scope require 18 -24 months to complete public comments and analysis before a vote by the elected body. Why is the School Board avoiding this?

Why did the district enter into a contract with a financial firm before the bond was voted upon? This allows the financial firm to ˇ§pay to playˇ¨ as it didn't need to competitively bid for the contract after the bond was passed.

Do you trust a new hand picked oversight committee to ˇ§adviseˇ¨ the District on how to spend the money?

Why hasn't the District, yet, provided a detailed list of projects and how they spent the money from the 1997 bond? They did admit that part of this bond would go to fix things fixed by the last bond. There is still $42 Million to pay on the last bond (until 2034).

Demand the School Board start a real dialog with all residents of ABC and develop a new well thought out plan.

Vote NO on the Bond.


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