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Voices from Our Community

Being Fair to Taxpayers

Howard Hara et al, July 21, 2014

We all would love to give our children the best, but the question becomes, can we afford it?

The cost of living is escalating, with taxes continuing to increase. To many of us - presently employed and some on fixed incomes, the increase in taxes sought by the ABC School Board will be a cumbersome burden - a tax increase ranging from $200 to $400 per year/per homeowner for 30 years.

We often have to forgo desires and what we thought of as "needs" because we can't afford them. Practicing financial restraint is something we have been forced to do. Unlike government agencies, we cannot "RAISE TAXES" to augment our finances when we feel the need for more money.

Is the tax burden the ABC Board of Education is seeking to impose on overtaxed homeowners fair and necessary? Does the Board really need 195 million dollars more than they are already receiving in taxpayers money, or could they do with less? How much taxpayer money is being spent to create and promote this bond measure?

We disagree with the decision to place 195 million dollar bond issue on the November ballot and will work actively to defeat it.


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