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Truth about the Slanderous LCCN

by Benjamin Ao

Two articles full of hateful vitriol and falsehood (see here and here) appeared in the Oct 17 issue of Los Cerritos Community News. A week before that, one of the authors actually contacted me and requested an interview to "get the other side of the story". He went AWOL on me. When I called him and asked if he still wanted to do it, he told me to ask his publisher.

This is not the first time LCCN fabricated stories and misled the public. Back in early July, they published an article entitled "Sources Confirm Cerritos Mayor Pro-Tem Carol Chen Held Meeting to Stop Passage of ABCUSD Bond Measure" that was straight from the fantasyland.

What happened was on June 29, ABC school board vice president Lynda Johnson posted an article on her Facebook addressing "Dear ABC Community", in which she dutifully described the school district's plan to issue a new school bond, and urged taxpayers to get involved. Cerritos Mayor Pro Tem Carol Chen got wind of it, felt the public had the right to know, and decided to host a small meeting of her friends to hear what school board members Lynda Johnson and Soo Yoo had to say. The meeting was held on July 3 in the lobby area of her tiny office. For safety reasons she had to turn away people she didn't invite, including the author of that article.

Throughout the meeting, the two school board members went strictly by the guidelines set forth by their legal counsel. They shared what was public knowledge, and took notes of comments and concerns from that small audience. There was no "conspiracy to craft a strategy to defeat" the proposed bond. The overall theme was that local residents should attend school board meetings to be informed about and involved with a process that could impact this entire community.

After I read that article, I felt it was gross misrepresentation, so I wrote to the publisher, telling him about what I saw at the meeting. He wrote back saying I was the only one who said that and telling me two persons I knew both said the meeting "was nasty". I immediately forwarded his email to those two individuals for confirmation, and they both said they had never talked with him about the meeting. For your reference, here is the letter to the editor I submitted and the email chain that ensued.

That experience was an eye-opener. For the first time, I learned that a newspaper could publish an article based on nothing but mean-spirited imagination without any factual support.

Habitual liars tend to accuse others of not telling the truth. That's because they have no idea what truth really is or how it should be told.

Being a community organization, United HOA certainly doesn't have all the facts of what's going on in our government agencies, but we do our best to make sure every statement we make is based on facts and evidence.

For example, when we talk about the "broken promises of 1997", we refer to those promises made in the 1997 ballot statement. Now when we hear supporters of Measure AA brushing off the effect of the 1997 bond as simply "addressed needs at the time", when we see images of decay and disrepair in our school facilities, and when we see almost identical promises made again in the 2014 ballot statement, how can we believe those promises made to us in 1997 were not broken?

For another example, we have been told by the school district the entire roofing at Gahr High was replaced in 1999 and 2002 with a 20 year warranty, and we know in 1996 they requested $1,621,000 for that job. Yet, 15 years later, the school district wants to tear down and replace that same roofing for another $835,742. If that is not wasteful spending of taxpayers' money, what can that be?

These and numerous other facts and evidence are readily available right here on our website for anyone to see. It will be a waste of everyone's time to refute each and every one of their lies and vicious attacks. All we need to say is that their brand of slanderous propaganda has no place in American journalism.

Aside from the question whether it's legal for ABC School Board member Maynard Law to act as the spokesperson of "Measure AA supporters" and openly urge voters to pass Measure AA, I really wonder how wise it is for Mr. Law to associate his name with such blatant propaganda at LCCN. Does it really help his cause?


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