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Position Statement

The United Homeowners Alliance supports improving school facilities, but is opposed to the Facilities Master Plan and the $195 million bond measure recently approved by the ABC school board, for the following reasons:

1. The 1997 "Modernization" Bond

ABC school district completed a school modernization program in 2004. It cost taxpayers $135 million, including $59 million from the 1997 school modernization bond. There needs to be an explanation how exactly this money was spent and why the resulting modernization lasted just 10 years.

2. The "Stealth Election" Tactic

The master plan and bond measure were prepared largely behind closed doors under the guidance of a bond firm that stands to profit from the bond's passage. The general public was never officially informed or consulted with. This is the "stealth election" tactic commonly employed by bond firms to deceive the public. We denounce this tactic, as it tramples on the civil rights of us taxpayers. George K. Baum

3. The Demographic Reality

Due to demographic changes in this area, ABC school district has lost over 2000 students, and the trend is continuing. Many schools are operating with enrollment numbers way below their capacity. It's time to re-assess our real needs in light of this new reality, and consolidate before raising our property tax again to modernize all existing school facilities.

For the three reasons stated above, the United Homeowners Alliance cannot and will not support the facilities master plan and bond measure as they currently stand.

We urge the ABC school board to rescind its decision, give the general public more time to understand the school district's real needs, make changes to the original plan if necessary, and revisit this matter in 2016.

Board of Directors
United Homeowners Alliance


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