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For the Record, lest We Forget

While we celebrate our victory over Measure AA, we are profoundly grateful to the following individuals or organization who have so generously contributed $100 or more to our campaign. Without their financial help, we could not have pulled off our victory.

Fumei Chen
Shu-Shing Luan
Eleanor Wrobe
Deborah Chang Kuei
Cecy Groom
Naresh Solanky
Michael Chan
Cerritos Republican Club
Richard Hong
Hsin Chao
Peggy Paddock
Benjamin Ao
Catherine Fung

During our effort to stop ABC School District from imposing that poorly developed Measure AA on us taxpayers, we appealed to ABC Board of Education and local community leaders for help. We presented undisputable facts proving there were various flaws in the proposed plan and urged them to bring it back to the drawing table so they can include in it input from the public.

Many community leaders supported our position and helped us in various ways. We thank all of them, including the following present and past elected officials:

Antonio (Tony) Lima, Mayor, City of Artesia
John Martins, Former Mayor, City of Artesia
Carol Chen, Mayor Pro Tem, City of Cerritos
Grace Hu, Former Mayor, City of Cerritos
Barry Rabbitt, Former Mayor, City of Cerritos
Bruce Barrows, Former Mayor, City of Cerritos
Paul Bowlen, Former Mayor, City of Cerritos
Steve De Ruse, Mayor, City of La Mirada
Cecy Groom, Past President ABC School Board
Dixie Primosch, Past President ABC School Board
Jim Weisenberger, Past President ABC School Board
Marilyn Rubio, Former ABC School Board Member
James Kang, Former ABC School Board Member
Craig McCormick, Past President, ABC School Board

On the other hand, many other community leaders ignored everything we said and blindly supported Measure AA without consulting with the public. They chose to side with investment bankers, bond attorneys, architecture and construction firms and the teachers' union to fight against us - the very people they were supposed to represent.

We must ask whether those people represent us or special interest groups. We must seriously consider whether they should ever be elected into public offices. At the minimum, we must not forget what they did to us. Let's remember these people who showed their faces on a mailer supporting those special interest groups' campaign against us,

Elected Officials
Cristine Garcia, Assemblymember, 58th District
Mark Pulido, Mayor, City of Cerritos
Dr. Victor Manalo, Artesia City Councilmember
Olympia Chen, ABC Board Member
Dr. Bob Hughlett, Cerritos Community College Trustee
Mike Gomez, City Councilmember, Hawaiian Gardens
Louise Dodson, ABC Board Member (Ret.)
Sal Flores, Chairperson, ABC Education Foundation
Gary Smutts, ABCUSD Superintendent (Ret.)
Laura Lee, Mayor, City of Cerritos (Ret.)

and these people who signed their names on the website to endorse those special interest groups' campaign against us:

Elected Officials
Hon. Bob Arthur, Cerritos College Trustee
Hon. Alex Beanum Cerritos Mayor and Councilmember (Ret)
Hon. Miguel Canales, Artesia City Councilmember
Hon. Tina Cho MD, Cerritos College Trustee (Ret.), President HHH Democratic Club
Hon. John Paul Drayer, Cerritos College Trustee
Hon. Jim Edwards, Cerritos Mayor and Councilmember (Ret.)
Hon. Victor Farfan, Hawaiian Gardens City Councilmember
Hon. Mike Gomez, Hawaiian Gardens City Councilmember
Hon. Dr. Bob Hughlett, Cerritos College Trustee
Hon. Gloria Kappe, Cerritos Mayor and Councilmember (Ret.)
Hon. Sherman Kappe, Cerritos Mayor and Councilmember (Ret.)
Hon. Tim Keleman, Artesia Mayor and Councilmember (Ret)
Hon. Laura Lee, Cerritos Mayor and Councilmember (Ret.)
Hon. Dr. Shin Liu, Cerritos College Trustee
Hon. Victor Manalo, Artesia City Councilmember
Hon. Jeanie McHatton, Cerritos College Trustee (Ret.)
Hon. Tony Mendoza, Assemblymember (Ret.)
Hon. Diana Needham, Cerritos Mayor and Councilmember (Ret.)
Hon. Mark Pulido, Mayor City of Cerritos
Hon. Reynoldo Rodriguez, Hawaiian Gardens Mayor and City Councilmember
Hon. Mariana Rios, Hawaiian Gardens City Councilmember
Hon. Ali Sajjad Taj, Artesia City Councilmember

ABCUSD School Board Members
Olympia Chen, ABC School Board Member
Maynard Law, ABC School Board Member
Armin Reyes, ABC School Board Member
Celia Spitzer, ABC School Board Member
Sophia Tse, ABC School Board Member
Hon. Louise Dodson, ABC Board Member (Ret.)

Community Leaders
Alex Aguayo
Pilar Aguayo
Charles Ara, Community Activist
Al Barlevy
Marcus Bedford, ABCUSD Strategic Planning Committee
Mary Bedford, Community Activist
Teresa Campbell
Dr. Bill Cox, Senior Pastor, Emmanuel Church Lakewood Gardens
Sam Desai, Alivemind.org
Dawn Dunton, Cerritos College Trustee candidate
Elaine Duvali, HHH Democratic Club, L.A. County Democratic Central Committee
Marty Flax, Cerritos Optimist Club Foundation
Dipa Gandhi, Community Activist
Gail Grossman, Community Activist
Hon. Judge Phil Hickok(Ret.)
Dr. William C. Hundley II, Pastor, House of Worship International Ministries
Esther Kelemen, Community Activist
Pat Law, Past President Artesia-Cerritos Soroptimist
Ronald Lawrence, Deputy District Director for Assemblymember Dr. Anthony Rendon
Lisa Metoyer
Rick Needham, Community Activist
Rose Reets, Reets Insurance
Larry Sagert, City of Cerritos Planning Commissioner (Ret.)
Sharon Sagert, Community Activist
Tim Sagert, Chairman, ABC USD Strategic Planning Committee
Dr. Steve Sherman, ABC USD Strategic Planning Board Committee
Howard Spitzer, City of Cerritos Planning Commissioner (Ret.)
Anna Titus, Community Activist
Frank Yokoyama, Realtor

ABCUSD Administrators
Dr. Mary Sieu, ABCUSD Superintendent
Dr. Carol Hansen, Asst. Superintendent for Human Resources
Toan Nguyen, Asst. Superintendent for Business Services / Chief Financial Officer
Dr. Gary Smuts, ABCUSD Superintendent (Ret.)
Dr. Cheryl Bodger, ABC Director of Schools
Dr. Susan Hixson, Director Human Resources
Dr. Colin Sprigg, ABCUSD Director of Information and Technology
John Eddy, ABC Supervisor of Transportation
David Franklin, Program Specialist for Information Systems
Ann Griffo, Coord. School/Community Partnerships
Terri Villa-McDowell, Coordinator Safe Schools Programs
Maria Machado, ABCUSD Executive Administrative Assistant-Superintendent's Office

ABC Education Foundation
Sal Flores, Chairman ABC Education Foundation
Cindy Yen Chen, President ABC Education Foundation
Mark Anthony Ruiz, Vice President ABC Education Foundation
Heather Summers, CFO/Treasurer ABC Education Foundation
Laura Lowe, Secretary ABC Education Foundation
Chris Apodaca, ABC Education Foundation
Paul Gonzales, ABC Education Foundation
Ken Kraus, ABC Education Foundation
James Noonan, ABC Education Foundation
Manu Patel, ABC Education Foundation
Lee Pfeffer, ABC Education Foundation
Sydney Pringle, ABC Education Foundation
Chester Swart, ABC Education Foundation
Varick Williams, ABC Education Foundation

Teachers, Principals and Other Educators
Kevin Amburgey, Principal - Cerritos Elementary School
Dr. Rhonda Buss, Principal, Whitney High School
Manuel Cruz, Asst. Principal - Gahr High School
Amy Dominguez, ABC Educator (Ret.)
Joan Flax, Educator
Kay and Mary Jane Fujimura, Educators
Ray Gaer, Vice President of the California Federation of Teachers
Sergio Garcia, Principal - Artesia High School
Jeff Green, Principal - Tracy High School
Kristin Guerrero, ABC District Psychologist
Richard Hathaway, ABCFT Treasurer
Carla Herrera, ABCUSD Teacher of the Year
Eveline Huh, Principal - Palms Elementary School
Betty Hyatt, ABC Educator (Ret.)
Pam Hickok, Educator
David Hind, Teacher - Cerritos High School
Marianne Hughlett, Retired Teacher
Tonya Golden, Teacher
Roselia Gomez, Counselor, Artesia High School
PaoLing Guo, Principal, ABC Adult School
Valerie Gutierrez, School Counselor
Sue Im, Dean - Gahr High School
Louzana Kaku, Educator
Dr. Linda Lacy, President/Superintendent, Cerritos College
Gary and Judy Lee, Educators
Helen Lee, President Southeast Regional Occupational Program (ROP)
Alejandro Leon, Assistant Principal, Artesia High School
Sasha Leonardo, School Counselor
Carey Lin, Interim Asst. Principal - Cerritos High School
Ricardo Lois, Principal - Fedde Middle School
Roni Love, ABC Retired Teacher
Mayra Lozano, Principal - Furgeson Elementary School
Filomena Macedo, ABCUSD CSEA 1st Vice President
Debbie McGeary, Administrator - Carmenita Middle School
Gary McHatton, ABCFT Retired Educator
Miguel Marco, Principal - Whittmann Elementary
Will Napier, Teacher - Artesia High School
Kimberly Nishimura, Counselor, Artesia High School
Victoria Ramos, Visual/Performing Arts Department Chair, Artesia High School
Gayle Reidy, LBUSD Educator
Laura Rico, ABCFT Retired Teacher
Rachel Santos, Teacher - Leal Elementary School
Kit Snider, Educator
Kester Song, Principal - Carmenita Middle School
Craig Spratt, Dean - Whitney High School
Jose Vasquez, Dean - Gahr High School
Crechena Wise, Principal - Tetzlaff Middle School
Tom Woodward, Assistant Principal, Tetzlaff Middle School
Adam Wright, Asst. Principal - Cerritos High School
Dr. Gina Zietlow, Principal - Gahr High School

Cheri Luo, PTA/PTSA ABC Council President
Cynthia Corrales, PTA/PTSA past ABC Council President
Mae Lovgren, PTA/PTSA past ABC Council President
ABCFT, ABC Federation of Teachers
ABC Management Association
AFSCME Local 2229 Council 36, American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees
ABC Unified School District Education Foundation
CSEA Chapter 24, California School Employees Association
HHH Democratic Club
Los Angeles County Democratic Party


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