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School Facility Maintenance

It's important to remodel our school facilities. It's even more important to maintain our school facilities. Without proper maintenance, the condition of school facilities can quickly deteriorate.

For example, in 2004, according to ABC school district's modernization program expenditures document, a total of $12,009,204 was spent on Gahr High to remodel its facilities, including $99,314 on asphalt, $1,296,360 on the irrigation system, and $10,613,530 on everything else including roof replacement. Specifically. we were told that 60% of Gahr High's roof was replaced in 1999, and 40% was replaced in 2002.

We were also told that this particular kind of roof has a life expectancy of 15-25 years.

Now, in 2014, we are told "All throughout the campus, the roofing has outlived useful life; improvements to/replacement of finishes (interior/exterior) and lighting are desired." (Middle, High, & Adult Schools_07-01.pdf, p. 107) Pictures show signs of leak in the roof and rust in the irrigation system.

Obviously, these horrible conditions need to be addressed. Our children don't deserve to learn and grow in this kind of environment. The question is what happened to the everyday maintenance of Gahr High's school facilities. How could anyone have allowed the situation to deteriorate to this level? When were the leak in the roof and rust in the irrigation system first spotted? Was there any warranty for $1.3 million irrigation system and the God knows how much new roof? Were the contractors who installed the new roof and irrigation system ever contacted about the leaks and the rust? What was done about them? It's true 60% of the roof has just reached the shorter end of the 15-25 year lifespan, but why has the 40% 12 year old roof also "outlived useful life"? Gahr High was built in 1963. How bad was the roof during the 36 years from 1963 to 1999? How many times was the roof replaced during those 36 years? How many school bonds were issued to pay for those replacements? The school district has been receiving close to $1 million each year over the past 10 years:

So how much of that deferred maintenance money was used on Gahr High? And how much of it was used to maintain the new roof and irrigation system? In any case, is this situation normal? Should we expect the same kind of neglect and disrepair 12-15 years after the next round of school "modernization"?

These and other questions regarding the Gahr High roofing have been presented to ABC School District authorities, but so far we have not yet received any answers.


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