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Two Resolutions, Two Attitudes

One of the main problems with the ABC School District's approach toward issuing a bond measure is their cavalier attitude toward us taxpayers. Because of that, they don't seem to have a problem telling us "The 1997 Bond successfully addressed needs at the time, but new improvements are required." The trouble is some of the "new improvements" such as roof replacement are exactly the same as the "needs at the time". So naturally we want to know what happened to the $135 million investment we made 10 years ago. This is like you buy a brand-new car, drive it for 3 years, and your dealer says your car is a piece of junk because it has "outlived useful life", and wants you to buy another new car. Why would anyone support this is beyond everyone else's comprehension.

To better illustrate this problem, let's compare two school board resolutions — ABC USD Resolution 14-7 and Orange USD Resolution 21-13-14. Both were intended for the order of a bond measure election, but the similarity stops there. While the OUSD resolution clearly states: "WHEREAS, the Board determines that all the facilities financed with bonds of such a measure must have useful lives at least as long as the term of the Bonds" (p.2, see excerpt below), the ABC USD resolution says nothing about this subject. There are stipulations in the OUSD resolution such that the bond money must not be used for routine maintenance and that 1% of general fund must be set aside for the maintenance of facilities financed with the bond money for as long as the bond is outstanding (pp 3-4, Sections 3h and 3i, see excerpt below), whereas the ABC USD resolution says nothing to that effect.

Excepts from OUSD Recolution 21-13-14

These differences reflect a fundamental divide between the two school districts in their governing philosophe. While OUSD genuinely cares about protecting the taxpayers' investment, ABC USD simply doesn't give a damn. They seem to believe they are entitled to our money and how they spend it is none of our business. That's why we got such a raw deal with the $135 million investment 10 years ago, which we are still trying to pay off. And it looks like history is about to repeat itself.

The ABC School District's new bond measure is seriously wrong, and tens of thousands of resident households are about to fall victim to their misguided policies once again. We the people have an obligation to stop it.


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