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Dear Neighbor,

On July 17, 2018, the ABC School Board passed Resolution 18-03 to place another school bond measure on the November ballot. It is now officially referred to as Measure BB. If approved by 55% or more voters, ABC School District will be able to issue four series of bonds to raise a total of $258 million for the improvement of school facilities. Property owners in ABC School District will be responsible for paying off this debt. Over the next 29-39 years, our property tax bills will increase by up to $50 per $100,000 assessed value.

Having reviewed the proposed bond measure, we feel it's seriously flawed and must not be supported. For one thing, the School District has never explained to us what they did with the $59 million 1997 bond, how it ballooned to a total of $165 million "elected indebtedness", and how come after 20 years of continual payment there is still a $105 million outstanding balance from that bond. We are already paying about $30 per $100,000 assessed value, yet they want us to pay $50 more. Why? Is this really necessary? For a detailed discussion of this and other issues, please read our position statement.

As homeowners and parents or grandparents, we understand the importance of keeping up our school facilities so our children have the best learning environment they deserve. However, we want to hold our public officials accountable so we are not overtaxed and our tax dollars are truly spent for our children. We acknowledge the School District's effort to draft a more realistic Facilities Master Plan, and we appreciate some School Board members reaching out to community members for their support. It's regrettable the final resolution is still far from being acceptable.

Yet the ABC School District is determined to ram Measure BB down our throat. They have amassed nearly $100,000 from lawyers, bankers, designers and builders - people who will profit from this massive school bond - to get everyone in line and vote for Measure BB. They are so desperate they even illegally used the back-to-school night occasion to campaign for this monstrosity and ask for donations. This is outrageous. It's about our money and our children's future. It's up to each one of us to decide whether we should resist or give up.

We urge all homeowners in the ABC School District to vote NO on Measure BB. We ask you to please come back often, pass the word along, and print out the flyer on the right double-sided and give it to your friends and neighbors. No one is helping us. We must rely on ourselves.

United Homeowners Alliance
A Community Organization

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