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Our Position on ABC School District's Next School Bond

After its failed attempt to pass a $195 million school bond measure in 2014, the ABC School District is trying again to find money for the modernization of its aging facilities, possibly through a new school bond.

As residents and homeowners of the ABC School District, we understand the importance of supporting our schools with first-rate facilities our students deserve. By the same token, we oppose any attempt to use that as an excuse to raise money and waste it or spend it elsewhere. We can support a school bond measure as long as the following issues are properly addressed:

1. An audit of the 1997 school bond, including details about how much money was spent on what projects, how those projects were maintained, how and why the bond money was refinanced, how much debt is still outstanding, etc.

2. An assessment of the district's real needs for school capacity, based on current enrollment of resident students and on demographic projections of this school district, including plans for what to do with excess school sites and facilities.

3. A plan to modernize school facilities that is transparent and reasonable, with support from most local businesses and homeowners who will be funding it. The plan must include details on how taxpayers' money will be appropriated and how their investment will be protected

We agree with and support the "School Bond Criteria" proposed by the Orange County Taxpayers' Association, a copy of which is posted below. We hope the ABC School District will honor its pledge to "collaborate" with all parties involved, including all homeowners and businesses in this area.

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